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sexless man geeks make the rules

May. 25th, 2007 | 03:29 pm

As some of you know, I've been training my little mind to pass the comp tia a+ exams. My work is paying for me to get certified. So I spend hours upon hours of reading a lot of shit. Now the following horse shit makes me think some was just not getting any booty when they came up with these terms.

male connectors are blue with prongs
female connectors are pink with holes


And to add insult to injury, the fucking disk drivers are master or slave.

Why don't we just name the db connectors penis and pussy and the drives black and white. "Now insert the penis cord in the pussy connector." "Take that nigger drive and make sure it don't try to take over that cracker drive ya here!"

Have I been living in the back woods too long?

Bitter Bitches

Feb. 17th, 2007 | 06:24 pm
mood: frustrated frustrated

Why oh why is IRC taken up with all these guys that hate women? First they hate themselves, then they hate women and then they hate men they don't know. Typical conversation on undernet's linux channel that's suppose to be about talking about linux!

dude1234: Does anyone use slax?
asshole: No it sucks.
dude1234: What distro of linux is good?
asshole: It depends.
dude1234: What about slackware?
asshole: It sucks.
dude1234: You're quick to say what sucks, but not what's good.
asshole: I already said it depends!
asshole: It seems we have a non thinker here or someone just trolling!
idiot: Yeah leave asshole!
dude1324: I just was curious as to what a good distro of linux was.
idiot: debian, now leave!!

All I can imagine is some guy sitting too close to his computer screen, with discarded consumer goods littering the floor and wrecking his mind, body and soul. Probably suffering from ADD from too much tv, video games and bad food (or he is the genetic bi-product of a mother and father who consumed the same). His anxiousness reeks as he immediately assumes a question about a distro is a question about his virginity. I can't even imagine what meeting someone in person would be like should they choose to direct such insulting behavior in my direction. Chances are they would not; instead they breathe heavily as they wish of the many ways I could be incinerated. Probably not far from the boys I work with at the IT Help desk. 4 of them can barely look me in the eye, while they spout how they conquered this platform and that platform at their spittle encrusted cubicle. "Don't look at her" heh heh heh. Don't help her! She must not become one of us. Tell her this job sucks. Let her do her internship on her own and let us lead her down the darkened path of destruction so she can leaves us be in our mens colony of hate and self loathing." WTF!

To see the toxic hate prevalent on IRC is something behold. Try it. I dare you! First try it as a woman and watch as they tell you to "shut the fuck up cunt" and "go back to the kitchen where you belong!" Yes feminism never existed on IRC. Then try it as a man as they accuse you of being an old gay man looking for sex.

It's a no win situation and prozac probably couldn't be handed out to these guys any faster.